Insurance Process

Insurance Process

Navigating an insurance claim can be a stressful process. Let Mossy's trained professionals guide you through every step.

They will work with you and your insurance provider to make the process easy and stress-free.

Contact us today to learn more or start a claim.

As simple as one-two-three


Filling The Claim

Filing a claim can be done on your own policy or on the “at fault” parties policy. When calling in the claim, the insurance rep will ask you to answer a few basic questions. What, when, and where incident happened will be just a few. Make sure you give all pertinent information and answer these questions to the best of your knowledge since this statement will be recorded as the “facts of loss”. As with everything Mossy is here to help, so if you need our assistance with filing your claim we are one call or visit away.


Scheduling Repairs

Once all information is given and liability has been accepted, rep will give a list of shops on their preferred program to choose from. Again, this is always your choice so if Mossy is not on that list just simply state that you would like to set up a drop off at Mossy Collision, where we can have a rental vehicle ready and waiting.


Supplementing Repairs

Once your vehicle is in the care of Mossy and our factory trained technicians examine the damages, there could be additional damages or issues found. Don’t worry, this is why you chose Mossy. We will do a complete review of the insurance estimate and the actual damage and any differences or missed items will be requested on a supplement. This gives us the opportunity to show and explain to the insurance adjusters what is needed and why its needed. Our estimators are skilled negotiators with over 25 years of Collision experience so we know exactly how to control this process.



Funding the claim will be the last part of this puzzle. Once all damages are approved, the insurance company will issue out the agreed upon payment either direct to the owner of the vehicle or to Mossy Collision. If the payment does go direct to owner, payment is due when client takes delivery of vehicle. If a deductible applies to your claim, that will also be collected at time of delivery. During delivery, you will have a chance to review all work performed with estimator and leave knowing you received the best repairs possible and piece of mind with a lifetime warranty.

Don’t Stress...

Don’t spend any time fretting over your insurance claim process. Instead, contact us today by phone or email for a free estimate. Let us know which auto insurance company to contact, and we’ll let you know how easy it is to take care of the rest. After we’re finished with your repairs, you can simply stop by, let us explain and review all repairs, and drive away in a car that looks and performs as good or better as it did before the collision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i have to make an appointment for an estimate ?

We do recommend setting an appointment, which will generally last 20-30 minutes, depending on the damage. We do accommodate walk-ins, and an even more convenient option is our Photo Estimating tool which you can use on your smartphone.

How much is an estimate?

All estimates are free. You can even use our Photo estimating tool on your smartphone to get a free estimate before you bring your car to our shop! Simply enter some basic information about your vehicle, snap a few photos, and we’ll send you a digital estimate to review.

Do you do glass replacement or chip repair?

Yes, we can install glass, including windshields, on all makes and models. Since there are so many different grades of glass and windshields on the market today, it is very important that you do your homework. A windshield is not just a piece of glass that you look through anymore, it is a vital structural part of your vehicle which also can contain the components that operate the collision and blind spot sensors on your vehicle. That is why it is so important to have the right people in your corner. We have a qualified glass team that specializes in glass installation and chip repair and can recalibrate all safety systems.

When can I wash my car?

Right away. We have a bake cycle booth that cures the paint immediately after it’s painted. We detail and hand wash the vehicle prior to you picking it up, so wash away! However, we recommend not taking vehicle through an automated carwash or applying wax for 30 days.

What kind of guarantee do you have?

All of our repairs and paint are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. All replacement OEM parts have a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.

How long does it take to repair my vehicle?

This is different for every repair. The original estimated completion date may change if additional damage is found, or if there are parts that are not immediately available. By the time the vehicle is disassembled and parts are ordered, we can then update you with a more accurate completion date.

Will you use factory parts?

To help reduce the cost of rising claims we are required by the insurance companies to search for alternative parts. Recycled, Aftermarket, and Reconditioned are the alternative parts we may use before we use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts. Due to our size and dealer status, most of the time we are able to get the OEM parts at a discount to match the alternative parts price. We also pre-fit all of our parts to assure the best fit and if it does not meet our quality standards, we send the part back and request OEM parts from the insurance company. If we are not able to match the pricing of the alternative part, you may also cover the price difference between the OEM and alternative part so we can install the OEM parts on your vehicle.

Will my paint match?

Yes, we guarantee color match. We use the highest quality of paint and the most advanced color matching system in the automotive industry

Does Mossy offer loaner vehicles?

We don’t offer loaner vehicles, but we do have a fleet of new Nissan vehicles that we can rent out at a discounted rate.

What About shuttle services ?

Shuttle services provided for a distance of up to 15 miles Shuttle services hours: 7:30am to 3:00pm Ride sharing services available for a distance up to five miles Rental fleet of a new Nissan vehicles at discounted pricing also available